About the Arsenal

We are home to a community of athletes of all ages, shapes, and abilities. Our primary focus is on safety, proper form and mechanics, mobility, consistency, and building self-confidence, all while having fun. Our members and coaches will welcome you and make you feel at home. All you have to do is show up, work hard, and cheer for others. The feeling is contagious!

The members of The Arsenal know full well that they did not join a “gym.” They understand that they joined a family, a team, and a way of life. Together we will forge an environment where it is safe to learn, grow, and encourage each other. Each person will grow stronger and become more self-confident in themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It will not be the trainers or the owners that will sustain that environment or motivate each individual. It will be the community.

If you feel that our mission connects with you, please follow us on social media. It is only through connecting with others that we will achieve the lofty goals we have set for this community, and every “like, share, re-tweet, and follow” makes you part of this community.

The Arsenal is located at 210 East Centennial Avenue Muncie, IN 47303. It is an 8,000 square-foot fitness facility for beginners and advanced alike to learn and grow through functional fitness. Each new athlete completes a set of 11 structured sessions as a form of 'try out' to ensure that our program is indeed the right thing for your life and fitness goals. If you are a more experienced CrossFit athlete, which means at least one year of experience training at least three times per week, you are welcome to jump right into our classes.