Thirty Days to Fitness

A strength & conditioning video training series designed for at-home use or in any 8' x 8' space.

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32fit is a fitness program developed from a collaboration between The Arsenal (a gym and fitness center) and Deftly Creative (a branding and media company). Both are known for their strict adherence to standards of excellence.

The qualified fitness experts, training program, and film location were provided and developed by the Arsenal thanks to its years of research and knowledge in the fitness industry.

Deftly Creative handled the production, editing, and distribution of the 4k video content. Everything you see on this page is actual footage or photos taken during the creation of the videos. So you KNOW what you are getting.

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What's Included

This program was designed by coach Eric Van Matre to be some of the most effective training possible to help you bring your fitness to new levels. Included is a one week workout cycle that should be repeated for 30-90 days. There are six strength and conditioning videos - one for each day of the week, with one day for rest. You will also receive a printable workout sheet to help you keep track of your progress. Under each video, updated content, exercise modifications, tips, and scaling options will continue to be added free of charge as they are created.

32Fit Workout 1

Workout #1

Duration: 59m 03s

Lower Body · Core

Challenge your lower body and core strength through controlled tempo and pause reps. This is followed by a metabolic conditioning component, adding a plyometric aspect. We finish up with mobility work.

32Fit Workout 2

Workout #2

Duration: 53m 12s

Upper Body · Pressing · Core

Fill out your t-shirt sleeves and chisel your midsection with this push up focused workout mixed with plenty of ab work. Also included is a “MetCon” with a short run interval to challenge your heart rate on a different level.

32Fit Workout 3

Workout #3

Duration: 56m 17s

Upper Body · Back · Core

Strengthen the most crucial aspect of the core: the spine and back. Accumulate high-quality posterior chain strength by working in high-intensity intervals, followed by a plyometric and rotational core strength MetCon.

32Fit Workout 4

Workout #4

Duration: 58m 11s

Lower Body · Core

Dial-in on everyone's favorite: tightening up the midsection. Let's also fill those pant butts with hip, glute and leg focused strength work. Then we will test your lower body and core endurance with a chipper-style MetCon.

32Fit Workout 5

Workout #5

Duration: 60m 24s

Upper Body · Pressing · Core

Back with a pressing and core focus, this time, let's dial in on tricep and shoulder strength. We'll transition from this into a fast-paced conditioning session, focused on carving out the shoulders and triceps even further.

32Fit Workout 6

Workout #6

Duration: 58m 42s

Upper Body · Back · Core

Round out the week by focusing on balance, posterior chain strength, and stability work. We'll then jump into our core-focused MetCon, keeping the heart rate up while hitting core from multiple angles.

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At 52, my Arsenal trainers gave me confidence and the ability to work with them not just physically, but mentally and nutritionally as well. I lost over 125 pounds in less than a year and have kept it off for over 3 years! My trainers gave me a life change!



I was one of those people who got tired of not seeing results just running and working out on my own. So, I started at the Arsenal. I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much in the process—about health and fitness, of course, but mostly about myself.



I complain to my Arsenal trainer all the time “why do we do this stuff!” The other day my daughter screamed because my son had thrown mud at her. I chased him down, threw his 65lb body over my shoulder, and hauled him inside. THAT's why we do this.

About Arsenal Fitness

We are a community

This fitness platform is built within the Arsenal community, which is a group of nearly 200 athletes/members who have teamed up since 2013. It is also the home of Muncie CrossFit. The athletes you see in our videos are our member athletes. People who go to work, raise families, go to school, and make fitness training a normal part of every day.

We can always be helpful and supportive in some way to our fellow athletes. That is the ethos that guides how our coaching staff and member athletes operate each day. It is not about what we do here; it is about who we are becoming as people.

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